Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hey guys! 

I hope you've finished getting ready for the holidays to just relax! My dad and I got back from some last minute shopping for some friends! We also got a tennis racket for me! I'm hoping to learn soon! 

On another note, though I don't have anything to share with you :(, the winners from CHALLENGE 11 need to email me soooooooon! If not by the 26th, I will chose/draw another winner! 

By the way, I found this blog and I love it! Here's a link to a fun recipe that I hope my mom will make!!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. My daughter played tennis in high school! She did love it - got lots of exercise too! Glad you and your dad had some father-daughter time out, and happy to hear about your purchase :) Have a happy day tomorrow! 2 more sleeps...!!!


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