Wednesday, October 16, 2013

hey look, there's a new post! you should read it.


I don't think anyone's here right now. I've checked the stats and all there is are zeros. If you're here that might mean you thought you'd just check up on me, make sure I'm alright. Thanks. I'm okay. Or, you might just be lost. Hello anyways. 

If you know how to scroll, you'll notice that my last post was on August 14, just about two months ago. I'm still making cards, I even made a whole mini album capturing the summer. It's just that I've realized I love memory keeping, photography, and just making the most of today more than making cards that probably won't make it out of my room. That's okay though, I still love creating.

Blogs are like homes. You settle in one for a few years but then move because you need more space or it's just not working for you. Once you find the perfect place, you hang around a bit longer, loving it more everyday. 

I'm here to tell you that I've started another blog. Blogging will always be a part of my life, I can't just stop. But sharing cards isn't the way I wanted to blog. I want to write about my life and all that goes on in it, more than just "here's my card and what I used to make it". In my new space, I have the freedom to write about anything I want.

And I'm not saying people who share their creations online aren't blogger. It's just not for me.
That's why this blog will now become a museum. A location where I've lived on the internet for the past four years. An archive of almost all the cards I've made up until that day in August. I'll always love this blog. But it's time to move on, you and I both know it. 

I hope you'll understand and pay me a visit in my new home

(for old times' sake) Have a good day!


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