Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Smile at the Camera!

Hello everybody!
I hope your having a fantastic week! Nothing happening much except and orthodontics appointment and some movie watching!{but no popcorn :( }

Got into the doodling mood recently and that lead to making a card {of course!} sooooo, take a look!
I played around with that ribbon a billion, bajillion times!! And redid that camera's clicker-thingy just the same to make it line up! When I finally felt good about it, I starting doing that line of 'postage stamps' and you might guess; it took a while {I could list a few more things that took a while too- like cutting that circle after tracing the cap of a Nutella bottle!} I'm happy with it now! And now that I think about it, I can say that after all that thinking and fiddling, all of the supplies were miscellanies!

Enough of my rambling and such, did you here about the summer cha starting? I feel like there are so many in a year that I can't keep up! It's too far to go but I looove looking at all the great stuff! Anything you like particularly?

Have a great day!

Oh, and the challenges!
Pattie's Creations-Bling/Glitter {bling in the ribbon}

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