Friday, February 10, 2012

In between random stuff.

So right after I posted that post below, I checked in on the computer and turns out that 1) the picture is at the very END of the post and 2) I can't change the color or font like I usually do so that's how you'll be able to tell if it's an ipod touch post! (don't have an iPhone!)

Well, here's a little pic to balance out the words and photos:

It's just the little pile of things on my desk.

Yep. So bye! again!

FINALLY! A post…with an orange.

Hey guys! A bit more info about why I've been so MIA is coming in a later post but for now, I just got the blogger app and now I can write more posts! YaY! Any ways, I'm not sure how this works so bear with me!

There should be a picture somewhere… you tell me!

The papers are from a bunch of different lines and the background I made by punching circles and gluing them on, then spraying them! I'm like the effect but it just way to time consuming! Did a bit of sewing and Tada!

Thanks for joining me today! Have a nice weekend!

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