Wednesday, April 28, 2010

More Cards

 Hi everyone! I just made some cards yesterday and was super busy so I couldn't post it. One of my parent's friends are going to where most of my family live. My grandpa's birthday is coming up and I made this card for him. I also gave him some of the cards I already made to use. Here are the cards!

This one's for my mommy for Mother's Day. It's a really simple card because my mom likes things simple. I drew two hearts and colored them with markers. I found the scrapes on my craft desk. This challenge is at 2S4U. I sort of flipped The sketch 'cause I wanted it to be up to down card. I don't know the correct term so I'll just use that.

Your Day
This one's the one for my Grandpa. Used some scraps and markers to draw and color the cupcake. On the side I just stamped  a little flower from I think the SPRING collection from Hampton Art. This one doesn't have any challenges but is going into an envelope ASAP.

Have a great day!


Sunday, April 25, 2010

OCC and S2G

Hi everyone! This weekend is not a very busy one but still has lots to do. I have a cello rehearsal and an art class. They both are around two hours long but they're on different days!:) Next week I'll hopefully have more time to do stuff but I also have soccer! Busy Busy Busy! Now....................the card.

I made this right after school on Friday but didn't have the time to post it. This one's made with the Just Chillin' collection by Making Memories. I feel like I'm never gonna use my other papers again! :P The stamps are from Hampton Art that I won over at Jamie's blog. I was soooo excited to use them! This is for the challenges, OCC and S2G.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Some Challenges!

Now, I was thinking. We might have a design team. You'll choose three colors or a sketch every...two weeks. What do you think? Just a thought.

This day is super tiring. I'm testing a Wii game for my friend and LOTS of homework. The MSP, in place of the WASL, is stating soon and I need to study. On to the cards.......................---------------------------->

This card I used some ribbon, highlighters, and the same patterned paper as last time.
This is for these challenges----->
Practical Scrappers-Floss, Fibers, and Ribbon
Stampin' for the Weekend-Ribbons and Bows

                   Same paper, same stuff. I found a sticker in my sticker book (a photo album) and I thought it was cute so I used it. This challenge is.....Stamp Challenges-Something Layered

Well, have a great day/night!!!!!!!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Moxie Fab World-------OCC

Well I'm back from along hike. Today I have some cards I did. These crafts were made a while back and I brought them out for a look when I realized they could go into challenges! Here they are:

-----------------------------------> tag was made with the Making Memories-Just Chillin' Girl collection. I'm using the collection a lot these days aren't I? The challenge is: moxiefabworld. Here's the sketch:  <---------------------


This one I used, AGAIN, the Making Memories- Just Chillin' Girl collection. I used a lot of house hold things.  I don't know if that's a challenge but this totally is. 

Well, hope you have a great week!
See ya! :P

Friday, April 16, 2010

New Cards!

Wow. I'm sooooo tired after a week of life. Can't wait to head of towards the weekend!:) We're probably going to climb some mountain not far from here. It's amazing how time just flies past without you even knowing? I'm not going to post for awhile ( two days) unless there's something important. Well, onto the cards.

Thank You
This card I just used some markers and white card stock. This one's for the sketch challenge over at EBTKS. Oh, and I just found out that this could enter in a challenge at kwernerdesign.

Gathered Paper Flower
For this one, I used white card stock, the Just Chillin' collection from Making Memories, and this button for somewhere.

Now, this one. I had some black card stock and some patterned paper from the Just Chillin' collection from Making Memories. I'm just loving it right now. It's amazing that I drew the hand myself. I'm amazed at me.:P Oh, and this ones for a sketch challenge too, at Little Hands Do Crafts.Oh, and I just found out that this could enter in a challenge at kwernerdesign too!

See ya soon! :) :P :D 

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Catch the Bug Challenge!

Again. Wondering through the blog-world. Well, ANYWAY, I made this while in my spring break and I just LOVE LADYBUGS!!!!:) My family and I went to Deception Pass and we found lots! I kept thinking about them and just randomly made a card with one of them.

AND, NOW I just found out that there's a challenge over at Bugaboo Stamps that has to do with BUGS!!!! I love their drawings! Well, like I said last time {I think?}, her it is!!!

Saturday, April 03, 2010

The Saturday Sketch at the Sweet Stop

For some reason, while I was wondering through the blog world, I found this blog called The Sweet Stop.They were having a Saturday Sketch a I was bored so I tried to make one(a card)myself. I've never made one so this was a big experiment for me. Well, here it is.

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