Saturday, April 16, 2011

Some News...

How's everyone doing?! It's been rainy and cloudy over here but the sun peeks out now and again!!

Next week is my spring break so hopefully I get some crafting in!

I am taking writing classes and today I got back one of my personal narratives from about two weeks ago!! My teacher loved it and showed it to one of the other teacher that I don't know! I wanted to share it with you since my writing rarely is really good to the teacher! Our topic was to write about a time when we made an important discovery! Tell me what you think about it!

    I scanned the aisle again. There were bananas, apples, and grapes. I was to pick which I wanted for my snack next week. I decided to see which I would enjoy the most throughout the week. It was a tough competition between the apples and bananas, so I took the sack of grapes.
    As I headed for our shopping cart, I noticed my mom holding a bag of "oranges". I soon read the label and knew it was grapefruit. My mom insisted that grapefruit was tasty and good for my health. I had never tried grapefruit, so I loaded it into our cart and kept on shopping.
    This fruit seemed oddly peculiar. It did not look like a grape, but it was still a fruit! It also was shaped and colored very similar to an orange. I guessed that it would be in the orange "family" because it looked similar, but I also thought it might taste similar too!
    When we arrived home, the first thing my mother did was open the pack of grapefruit. She took out a knife and started to cut slices of grapefruit. Then, when she offered me a slice, I was shocked! Inside, the fruit wasn't orange like I predicted, but pink! It seemed very mysterious, so I took an enormous bite out of my slice. A sour taste flooded my mouth. No matter how hard I tried, the sourness was still unwilling to leave my taste-buds! I sat down, not taking another bite. "Doesn't this taste great?" asked my mom after she ate a few slices.
    I tried to register her opinion but I couldn't get myself to agree. Then, surprisingly, a tiny bit of sweetness appeared in my mouth but as fast as it came, it went. Now, I have a new food to my list of foods I don't like. I had made an important discovery; I don't like grapefruit!

Have a great weekend!

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