Wednesday, January 05, 2011


 Well, thanks to Stef(!!), this post will stay at the top so please comment and scroll down for newer posts!

Well, I'll (hopefully) soon be sharing some new cards I made with my new {and old} supplies I got for Christmas!! But I still got to take a picture so I'll share this with you now! On this post, in the comments, I would like all of you to tell us...

Who YOU want to see be a sponsor here!

I will try be best to contact them so they will sponsor!! Please comment with your favorite places!!!!! 

And also, anyone know how to keep this post on the top? I want to let everyone see it but still share new things!

Gettin' ready for the new year! 

Have a fab fab fab day!!

Oh, and this will last until Jan. 31st which is the first challenge with our new DT!!

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  1. hey sunshine..... hope christmas was fabulous and wishing you all a truly blessed new year!

    to keep the post on top, go to edit post and edit. on the bottom left of the post it will say POST OPTIONS. click on that and on the right it will show a date & time. put in the date you want the post to end on and it will then stay as the first post on your blog.

    and you KNOW i'll sponsor you anytime!

    hugs :)


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