Saturday, September 11, 2010

First Day o' School

   Well I wanted to post about my school day on the first day of school, all had to happen on the weekend. So, I'll start the story.

 Day 1:

My parents dropped my off with my school supplies in the morning and went down to my class which was on the bottom floor. Did I mention that there were lots and lots of stairs?? I got lost a few times!! Well we started with organizing all the supplies and putting paper and stuff into our binders. We went to P.E. and played a few games, exercises, and others. Came back,( down more stairs!) to the classroom and got homework. Although the homework wasn't much of homework, it was still called homework. Recess, lunch, more organizing, recess, last minute things on the first day, and onto the school bus. An hour long drive home to the bus stop and we're HOME!! 

Well that's what happened, made some new friends too!

That's it folks!

See ya!

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  1. Sounds so exciting! Glad that you made some new friends :) Hang in there with the homework - you can do it! Keep sharing with us, okay? We love hearing about your days! Hugs!


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